Maintaining a Healthy Weight through Physical Activity/Healthy Lifestyles Support During and After Pregnancy

During your routine appointment with your Midwife, weight gain will be discussed. Depending on your Body Mass Index (BMI), you may be offered the opportunity to be part of the Maternal Physical/Health Lifestyle on Referral Programme, where you will receive 12 weeks of encouragement and advice with regard to physical activity, health and nutrition. You can combine the 12 weeks with your ante and postnatal stages (i.e. you could access the programme 6 weeks before the birth of your baby then 6 weeks afterwards, or 8 weeks before and 4 weeks afterwards etc.)

The programme has been developed to support expectant and new mums to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle during their pregnancy. All instructors taking part in the scheme have Antenatal and Postnatal qualifications, as well as their advanced gym instructor’s award, making them more than qualified to help tailor a gym programme specific to your individual needs. Each provider will also have a 'Maternal Package' available at their centre.

To be eligible for the scheme you must have one of the following:

  • BMI 30+
  • Pre Natal (up to 30 weeks pregnant)
  • Post natal (From 6 weeks following birth)
  • Suffering from post natal depression

If you'd like to take part in the scheme you will be asked to complete the form with your Midwife, who will then return it to us for us to send to your chosen physical activity/healthy lifestyle provider. Once they've received the form they will contact you directly to arrange an initial discussion to find out more about you and your needs.

Want to take part?

If you are interested in taking part in the Fitter Futures Warwickshire scheme, please see our referral information to find out how to get involved.