Physical Activity on Referral Specialist at a Leisure Facility

There are Leisure facilities (i.e. leisure centre/club) across Warwickshire who have been signed up by NB Leisure Trust to be part of the 12 week programme that you have been referred to. Each facility has a Physical Activity on Referral Specialist. Their role is to find out what your individual needs are and to support you to increase your physical activity levels and improve your health and well-being through small healthy lifestyle changes.

Once you have been referred to the 12 week programme and NB Leisure Trust have made contact with you, they will give you a choice of leisure facilities where you can find a Physical Activity on Referral Specialist.

The Physical Activity on Referral Specialist will offer you an initial consultation and fitness assessment to find out what physical activity/healthy lifestyle support you would like. Your individual programme will be agreed with you and will be reviewed every at regular intervals. Following the 12 week programme, you will be supported to gain access to a wide variety of activities to keep you active.

Want to join the scheme?

If you are interested in taking part in the Fitter Futures Warwickshire scheme, please see our referral information to find out how to get involved.